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Sugar Rush 2009 by Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Sugar Rush 2009

***"To celebrate LR's 100th release we decided to do a special 10th anniversary pressing of the SWEET TOOTH Sugar Rush demo from 2009, which all members of the band agree is the best recording any of us have ever been on. We are all very proud of it and to that end I've gone all out on the packaging: Hand stamped records, Obi strip and a 12-page zine with essays by key players, pictures, flyers, zine interviews and a list of all 62 shows we played—all stapled to a double sided cardstock sleeve, all Riso'd in house."—Lumpy  Here's the writeup my brother Rik did for it: "You have here in your hands the posthumous vinyl release of the debut “Sugar Rush” demo tape by Sweet Tooth, a band that was cultivated for several years in basements of suburban Southwestern Illinois by a bunch of bored teenagers who only wanted to play faster and harder than everyone else in the then-dwindling St Louis hardcore scene. The cassette was originally recorded circa November 2009 in our parents basement located less than 100 feet away from acres of corn fields in O’Fallon, Illinois by local engineer Mikey Crotty. Now it all seems like a blur, and it probably did back then too, but the music and performances were always unapologetically earnest and the energy was undeniable, which generally resulted in nothing less than chaos when the band would play live. It was always a mixed bag, you never knew what you were...

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