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The Space Lady / Burnt Ones

Announcing a totally far-out split release from unexpected corners: fave Hoosier-via-SF tripper transplants Burnt Ones sweet-talked the one and only Space Lady into a sharing an album, and the results are magical.  In her inimitable style The Space Lady sparkles through “Across the Universe,” “Starman,” a brand-new original called “The Next Right Thing” and an achingly elegaic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” These beautiful tunes are wonderful additions to her lovely repertoire.  For their half, Burnt Ones mellow down their sound, crafting a warm cocoon on two kaliedoscopic creepers, peaking just a little with a floweringly spaced-out version of the Space Lady’s greatest hit, “Synthesize Me,” and closing with another druggy lullaby.  It’s sweet and mellow ride through both sides and it’s out on Castle Face Records.

LP $19.00

10/23/2015 819162019269 


CD $12.00

10/09/2015 819162019252 

CF 058 CD 

MP3 $7.92

10/23/2015 819162019269 

CF 058 

FLAC $9.90

10/09/2015 819162019252