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Greatest Hits Of John Thill Volume II by Thill, John

Thill, John

Greatest Hits Of John Thill Volume II

John Thill has released a number of solo records, as well as albums with his former band Aum Rifle, on Shrimper, Folktale and a plethora of other labels. Some of these have been limited to as few as 50 copies, and a good number of them are long out of print. To rectify this, the two aforementioned labels pooled their resources to cover hospital bills after slicing and shivving each other to bits over the track list for this collection of in-the-red folk fuckitude that runs from red to blue in a flash.  Available on vinyl only, The Greatest Hits of John Thill Volume II comes in a numbered edition of 500 copies.

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Heart Of Grime by Thill, John

Thill, John

Heart Of Grime

John Thill was born in Riverside, CA: land of heat, drugs, and stately grime. For six years he lived in gritty neighborhoods therein. Heart of Grime is an autopsy of that city and a record about the very ground falling out from under one’s feet, about coming home to a place that no longer makes sense. Thill wrote and recorded the album in a motor home outside his parents’ house in Riverside County after making an unscheduled return to California from the Southeast with his tail between his legs. Informed by a divorce, losing friends to drugs and watching his hometown’s rents rise and people leave, the album oscillates between harsh slabs of distortion and sparkling sound.   Influenced by noise, folk, lo-fi, and, most importantly, pure pop music, Heart of Grime was cut and refined until only the portions deemed enjoyable on the twentieth listen were left. The result is a compact, jagged pop record with all superfluities excised. Both devastating and comic, the album is informed by surreal ideas, paranoid fantasies, and vengeful reprisals. It is a big departure from his previous open-form folk work the band Aum Rifle and the hip hop/world jazz amalgamation of Quem Quaeritis.   Heart of Grime is more to the point and cutting than any of Thill’s previous recordings. This summer he is touring in various stages of undress throughout the US with tropical punks Abe Vigoda and working on material for several other upcoming recordings. He presently lives in...

CD $12.00

11/06/2007 759718115321 

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