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From Johnny Thunders’ personal tape archive, this recording is among hundreds of live, studio and writing session tapes he stored away for safe keeping in a box simply labeled “Thunders Tapes”.?! Cleaned up and mastered, the attempt is to reveal the recordings Thunders felt worthy of keeping and to release only the best audio quality and performances that live up to his musical legacy.?! In this debut release, Live From Zurich ’85, one hears Thunders and his band performing at a Swiss radio station in 1985.?! Spectacular sound.?! Great set..?!

LP $17.50

10/23/2020 767870660917 

JTA 01 

MP3 $9.90

10/23/2020 767870660917 

JTA 01 

FLAC $11.99

10/23/2020 767870660917 

JTA 01 

So Alone (remarquable Special Edition) by Thunders, Johnny

Thunders, Johnny

So Alone (remarquable Special Edition)

***The third of four Remarquable Records vinyl releases in the JOHNNY THUNDERS: 1978 series, celebrating the iconoclastic New York rock’n’roll vagabond.?! By 1978 Johnny had relocated to London, forging plans for a solo career which culminated in the release of his career-peak album So Alone.?! In 1984 Johnny himself acknowledged it was “the best record I ever made”.?! Under the guiding hand of producer STEVE LILLYWHITE and amidst an unrepeatable roll call of friends only too willing and able to help out, Johnny forged an album which has gone on to influence generations.?! Includes a bonus LP with the unreleased title track, a cover of Marc Bolan's "The Wizard," two non-album singles tracks—"Dead Or Alive" and "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory," plus the B-side "Hurtin'." Packaged with a 16-page booklet..?!

2XLP $27.85

04/08/2016 5054196890674 


Some Hearts - The Last Album 1990 by Thunders, Johnny

Thunders, Johnny

Some Hearts - The Last Album 1990

***Some Hearts – The Last Album (1990) features eight studio tracks recorded in 1990 in NYC for what was to be JOHNNY THUNDERS’ next album.?! Instead, a few months later Thunders was dead, but new songs like “Children Are People Too,” “Some Hearts” and “Familiarity Breeds Contempt” suggest that the ex-NY DOLL may have not been as far gone as most fans believed.?! On the contrary, the strength of this material suggests that he may have actually been ready for a comeback.?! The remaining four bonus tracks—including classics like “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory” and “Hurt Me”—are from a rare 1982 acoustic performance..?!

LP+CD $26.15

03/22/2011 889397703196 

LR 319 

***A collection of rare acoustic tracks recorded in Paris in November 1983 during the period in which JOHNNY THUNDERS had reformed the HEARTBREAKERS and was recording and touring again all over the world.?! Hurt Me proved that underneath all the snarl and swagger Thunders could still deliver a brilliant performance..?!

LP $23.45

10/12/2010 889397901080 


***LIGHTLY BENT CORNERS, REDUCED PRICE!!! In 1985, after several years of drifting from live show to after-hours party, punk's Moses was shaken (briefly) out of his drug-induced stupor to cut an all new studio album.?! For this event, punk's elite was paraded in (JOHN PERRY, STIV BATORS, GLEN MATLOCK, PATTI PALLADIN, TAVE TREGUNNA, WILKO JOHNSON and MIKE MONROE) for guest performances and JOHNNY THUNDERS finally seemed to be buckling down to doing what his record label was paying him for.?! His number one priority was to write a song to win back his Swedish girlfriend, which he did with style in “I Only Wrote This Song For You” (apparently winning back said-girlfriend).?! He also churned out some classic punk mantras, as was his forte, with “M.I.A.,” “Little Bit Of Whore,” and personal anthem, “Short Lives” and brought in a bizarre reworking of the campy classic “Que Sera, Sera,” made famous by Doris Day...?!

LP $11.75

07/13/2010 889397900953 


***BACK IN STOCK!!! CD+DVD collection of post-NEW YORK DOLLS material from the legendary JOHNNY THUNDERS.?! CD tracks include “Chinese Rocks,” “Pirate Love,” “London Boys,” “Short Lives (Johnny's remix),” “Baby Talk,” “One Track Mind,” “I Was Born To Cry (with Patti Palladin),” “Too Much Junkie Business,” “Goin' Steady,” “Little Bit Of Whore,” “Uptown To Harlem (with Patti Palladin),” “Born To Lose,” “Cool Operator,” “M.I.A.,” “Get Off The Phone,” “Treat Her Right (with Patti Palladin),” “Blame It On Mom,” “I Only Wrote This Song For You,” and “Endless Party.” Bonus DVD includes MARKY RAMONE talking about the Ramones and the NY Dolls, a Johnny Thunders video and more..?!

CD+DVD $16.25

05/22/2006 741157158922 

CLP 1589-2