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***When Chicago punk legends STRIKE UNDER broke up in 1981, three of the four members went on to form TRIAL BY FIRE. They were one of the first Chicago bands to play thrash style hardcore and quickly became scene favorites, especially among the younger all ages set. Far from being a by-the-numbers hardcore group, Trial By Fireʼs sound bore a heavy Stranglers and post-punk influence as well. They created a unique repertoire which sits alongside the best of the Effigies, Strike Under and Naked Raygun. In fact, when bassist / vocalist PIERRE KEZDY later joined Naked Raygun, he brought along their classic “Rocks Of Sweden” with him. This album was recorded in 1982 by studio great TIMOTHY POWELL (Effigies, Strike Under, Naked Raygun, Da!) in a warehouse adjacent to the famed birthplace of House music, The Warehouse! These tracks represent a moment when underground music was brave, adventurous and flourishing in the rundown streets of early '80s Chicago. The songs were transferred from the original master tapes by Powell himself and still sound incredibly fresh and relevant in 2017. Includes full color insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes.

LP $15.50

01/26/2018 656554069026 

ADR 12 022 

CD $12.00

01/26/2018 656554069019 

ADR CD 022