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***Tropic Green is music from the planet Saturn as channeled by Adee Roberson. Roberson is a visual artist and musician who has been a fixture in underground art and music for over a decade. With Tropic Green she is leading the way for us into a Black Futurist fantasy that draws from the minimal aspects of punk, reggae, house music, and spirituals. She weaves rich celestial landscapes with her drum machines, synthesizers and various percussion instruments.   Roberson works with black identities and abstractions in her visual work. She uses visual storytelling to weave a new narrative that combines threads from her cultural history and also from the cloth of infinity. She imagines a future that we all want to live in and gives us the sonic tools to imagine it. It's a place where new identities thrive and where her deep voice is vibrating in the wind, holding us with her strength. These motifs are extended into Tropic Green, where she offers us a taste of the future she may be from. Tropic Green lives in the same realm of imagination as Sun Ra or Arthur Russell. She holds up a telescope to show us a new galaxy of her own design where palm trees blow in the wind against a starry backdrop.  These tracks were recorded cross-country in California & New York City. Crime On The Moon label owner Hannah Lew handled the West Coast tracking & participated in the birth of the music which features...

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