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Universal Cell Unlock

Quasimodo The Streetsweeper by Universal Cell Unlock

Universal Cell Unlock

Quasimodo The Streetsweeper
Psychic Sounds

***"What remarks can recall the pampered page when the subject shines through so many shaken seams? The remarks are for the producer of Quasimodo The Streetsweeper, the mysterious, though constantly revealing, CF, presenting himself here as UNIVERSAL CELL UNLOCK. CHRISTOPHER FORGUES of BROWN RECLUSE ALPHA, MARK LORD, KITES, and author of blazetastic comic books—ever checkout Power Masters? What remarks could remain after all that? However, one still finds this fresh pile of inviting and mature music, coated in the haunting haze of digital reverb. What premeditated remark could recharge reminisces of New York more than the city’s newly appointed director of rodent mitigation? The lost legend of Tony Conrad running up the steps of a Manhattan church to meet the mysterious mad one playing the bells in the spire, Charlemagne Palestine. The bristles from the machines of swirling repetition that push parking brush to the side are repurposed here as pluckphonic metal keys, mined for their rich harmonic content. There are strategies taken from the decidedly unfocused on New York musical tradition of American and global capital-N Noise music. An invitation to a closed eye head bob is quickly revoked with a shock call to attentiveness. There’s an attentiveness here. Across forty minutes of percussion music, with some stark electronic accouterments along the way, the focus on the form and compositional aspects is forgotten only to let the sounds build and interact without pesky human interruption. That’s the remark to recall: remarkable music with new surprises pushed through."—Ben Kudler

LP $27.85


PSR 27 

***As children we are disturbed from inner grace and mused, bored or threatened into awareness of the outside world in these recordings patterns emerge and are interrupted like a conversation in a garden, logic gates, and my directives mingle in importance. Responsibility or force is avoided. Primitive homemade analog computers were used to make electronic sounds and manipulate acoustic instruments in free running chaotically generative programs that are written by patching logic gate clusters with wires. Theres is no machine "memory" aside from the patches themselves, and the equations the circuits reliable math but audio-rate accidents spilling out of hashed streams of data. The same primal state of polarized data pulses build into the complex horrors of culture, finance, and communication we think we recognize on our devices. Yet electricity itself retains it's mystique, animated not by our will but by still poorly understood natural laws that transcend human concerns.

MC $11.35


PSR 27 B