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***BACK iN PRiNT!!! "In the never interesting saga to determine Punk's best primitive hooligans, MEN will blog & sputter endlessly about Drunks W/Guns or Brainbombs as martyrs of the cause. And who amongst us would deny either their berth on the altar? As an agnostic, I cannot count the stations of said cross, but I do respect it nonetheless. So it's refreshing to see a band wander into this Garage of Gethsemane & fire up their own corroded engine, pistons wheezing, oil belching, you know how it goes; many are crucified, but few resurrected. Where WATERY LOVE fit into this scenario remains to be determined, but when it comes to archaic beats, they're already dragging their knuckles over sainted simpletons such as Butter Utter, Deutscher Abschaum & Just Urbain. 45 rpm's haven't sounded this hairy in many moons & as debut's go, they don't come more scabrous. Get one now before they learn to talk."—Roland Woodbe, Siltblog

7" $6.00


RR / TT 22 

Decorative Feeding by Watery Love

Watery Love

Decorative Feeding
In The Red

“Take it from me, orbitin’ the Earth over ’n’ over ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. When I was asked to hop on board a Soyuz headed to the International Space Station (Assignment: Critical Observation), I reckoned this’d be the trip of a lifetime. Space, the final frontier. And how ’bout that view? But now I feel like I’ve been here that long—a lifetime, that is. You know, the food ain’t much to speak of, plus I gotta constantly make sure I don’t make no crumbs, else they might fuck up our air breathin’ filters. Crumbs! The things one learns. Drinkin’ ain’t no fun neither, ’less you get your jollies sippin’ daquiris from a straw out a plastic bag, like some swishy, doe-eyed Deadhead. And don’t even get me started on hygiene issues! I believe I could take a life for a proper bubble bath right about now (I miss my ducky, too). Which is all just a lumberin’ yet apropos segue to the matter at hand: this debut LP by Watery Love. “Now, any right-minded corncob south of the Van Allen Belt knows them three precedin’ 7-inches via Richie, Siltbreeze and Negative Guestlist smacked kernels hard, and that smolderin’ ferocity has naturally been carried over here. The glow ’n’ throb what’s got got is as much the byproduct of the eternal bioluminescence of Iron Cross or Third World War as an appreciation for the corroded, fractoluminescence exuded once upon a time by Chain Gang, Slow Death EP-era Leather...

LP $16.00

05/13/2014 759718524918 

ITR 249 LP 

CD $12.00

05/13/2014 759718524925 

ITR 249 CD 

MP3 $8.91

05/13/2014 759718524925 


FLAC $9.90

05/13/2014 759718524925 


Sick People / I Don’t Care by Watery Love

Watery Love

Sick People / I Don’t Care
In The Red

Just in time for the release of their debut full length, Philadelphia's Watery Love comes out with this limited edition (500 pressed) single featuring two exclusive tracks. Here the band deliver cover versions by 80's hardcore band Breakdown and the Ramones. Both are given the sludgy, pummeling treatment that the band have become known for.

7" $6.00


ITR 258 

MP3 $1.98

05/13/2014 759718525878 


FLAC $2.99

05/13/2014 759718525878 


***Third—and hopefully not the last—single from this upper echelon American Band. The A-side is a pounding, piercing Cramps cover; flip it and you get the rambling live favorite "A Condom." Pressed at 33RPM to facilitate WATERY LOVE’s lovingly long winded groove. Australian import.

7" $6.00


NGL 022 

Die With Dignity / Leave Me Alone by Watery Love

Watery Love

Die With Dignity / Leave Me Alone

***Another two shots of bilious commentary courtesy of Philadelphia's best band at the moment. The A-side is penned by Richard Charles; a litany of condescending, sneering lyrics behind the roar of what sounds like the gear shaft of a Kensington garbage truck being stripped out and blazing a path of fire down Girard Ave. You know, the kind of good timey tunage you can only light up somewhere between Mecht Mensh & Iron Cross. The flip is an interpretation of a song written by Louis Allan Reed. But Watery Love's cover eschews all manner of hip, uptown vibrato found on the original, preferring to accessorize their stud w/the leather & switchblade swagger needed in a sketchy, downtown milieu. You know, the kind of controlled lunacy you can only sniff out somewhere between John Cale & Chain Gang. Thick black vinyl pressing housed in a sweet high gloss sleeve. One time edition of 330.

7" $9.25