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Wau Y Los Arrrghs

***REISSUED ON VINYL!!! Welcome to the wild and wooly world of this savage group of strapping, handsome young Spaniards. Slovenly Recordings is proud to present WAU's sopho-moronic long player Viven. This LP is busting at the seams with Back From The Grave worthy garage punk monsters, and they're all lead by a vocalist that out-psychos the vocalist from Los Saicos! Wait til you hear their “96 Tears” on dexedrine dancefloor filler “Copa, Raya, Paliza.” Fueled equally by potent ingestibles and a sincere passion for the big, crude beat of 1966, Wau y Los Arrrghs are here to make sure that the party gets started and destroyed. Album produced by JORGE EXPLOSION and MIKE MARICONDA (RAUNCH HANDS, DEVIL DOGS).

LP $15.50



CD $10.50

02/23/2009 634479958335 

702 85 CD 

***"Originally released as a limited 7" on the band's own Wau Records label, this WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! single sold out in a flash at their farewell gig in May 2017. Copies of the OG press are selling for stupid bucks online, so we reissued it, this time around with brand new cover art from Canuck lo-brow illustrator hero DARREN MERINUK, and souped up vinyl mastering by Crypt Records honcho TIM WARREN. These are, without a doubt, two of the most action packed punk blasts we've ever heard from Wau and the gang, and it's now available again, worldwide for the first time." (STREET DATE - 2/02/2018)

7" $8.50

02/02/2018 191924181927 


***The third album from Spain’s most savage crew of ‘66 garage-punk worshipping scum of the Earth, WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! This brand new long-playing monstrosity sees singer JUANITO WAU, the barely human Rat Fink comic, continuing his long-held reign as the most bugged out screamer on the scene. Meanwhile, and we do mean MEAN, the remaining Arrrghs mutilate the massive, crunched-out  riffs of ‘60s punk’s past (Cuby and the Blizzards and Jacques Dutronc, anyone?) and reconstructs them with spit, snarl and endless piles of fuzz and swirling Vox organ. Impolite, swinging brutality from the grave for the sweatiest go-go gorilla party ever! (STREET DATE - 10/15/2013)

LP $13.75

10/15/2013 888174132327 


CD $10.25

10/15/2013 888174139333