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Bleecker Station by Weeks, Greg

Weeks, Greg

Bleecker Station

CD $12.00

03/30/2010 655035005423 

KEY 04 CD 

MP3 $7.92

03/30/2010 655035005423 


Blood Is Trouble by Weeks, Greg

Weeks, Greg

Blood Is Trouble
Ba Da Bing!

***If personal strife in any way elevates artistic expression, then the career of singer-songwriter Greg Weeks is strangely compelling. Hardships such as exasperation with his own recurring health problems (a physical inability to play guitar) and depression, a dogged determination to turn things around -- and to beat crippling stage fright-- led Weeks to accept an offer to perform at VPR's highly regarded Amstel Fest in Amsterdam. The experience transformed his outlook and launched him on a series of tours, both here and abroad, and brought him to a point of experimentation in songcraft that resulted in the material for Blood is Trouble. Produced and recorded by himself over the summer of 2004, Blood is Trouble marks the investigation of new songwriting territory for Weeks. More focused melodically, with richer harmonies, and a bolder folk / rock presentation, the album radiates an honesty of personal expression that comes naturally to Weeks. It is, in fact, the only means by which he operates. Momentum was stifled by crippling tendonitis and carpal tunnel inflammations, leaving Blood is Trouble on the back burner for nearly a year. While patiently awaiting relief from his symptom-- a relief that never fully arrive-- Weeks co-formed the acid-folk group Espers, whose debut he produced, recorded, and released in spring of 2004 on Locust / Time Lag, met critical praise and, more importantly, struck a significant chord within the music listening community.  

CD $12.00

01/18/2005 600197004425 


MP3 $9.90



Awake Like Sleep by Weeks, Greg

Weeks, Greg

Awake Like Sleep
Ba Da Bing!

***The latest from singer-songwriter GREG WEEKS checks in with nine tracks of beauty and despair. Folk melodies sung in hushes over fingerpicked acoustic guitar with an occasional hint of cello, piano, mellotron, organ and bass. Greg is currently one of the main songwriters in Phladelphia's renowned ESPERS. 

CD $12.00

10/23/2001 600197002728 

BING 027 CD 

MP3 $8.91