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Rabit's Halycon Veil label swerves left with a freakish 2nd release coming from the Korean-born, Danish-raised Why Be - a member of DJ Hvad's Syg Nok squad, Janus regular and contributor of Total Freedom's 'Blasting Voices' compilation. Equal measures of grime, bumpy techno and internet-world electronics tot up to a frictional but fluid batch tripping across imagined 'floor-spaces and the stranger black holes between their cracks. 'Heroin Hat' crosses wires between ersatz Afro melodies and sublow techno with the playful dexterity of Physical Therapy whereas the massive blackened mass of 'Whalin (Kyselina OST)' proves an impressive aptitude for beat-less, abstract sound design on a majestic, show-stopping scale.  Back to the 'floor on the B-side, he glances askew at ballroom house from the midst of a gif-like loop vortex with 'Deeq' and its b*tch-slapping, c*nty counterpart 'Late (Laser Ha)' throwing down limb-synched edits for the voguers. Very safe to say: if you're into Physical Therapy, Total Freedom or Rabit - this 12" is a strong look.

MP3 $3.99

10/23/2015 5060165483723 


FLAC $4.99

10/23/2015 5060165483723