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Doomed II Repeat by Wild Wing

Wild Wing

Doomed II Repeat

***"The state of California has a long-time legacy of yielding innovative, bar-raising musical groups, but none quite like WILD WING a four-piece rock group originally formed in the San Fernando Valley. The members of the band have been playing together since middle school, and their musical synchronicity and compatibility shows through on their tracks. Wild Wing is comprised of DAVID on lead guitar, MAX on rhythm guitar and vocals, ZACH on drums, and THEO, the last member to join, on bass guitar. Their overall sound is a rowdy mixture of surf punk and what hearkens back to southern and classic rock and roll, a sophistication that the band members supplement with a good dose of irony and self-aware humor. Despite their goofy, punk attitudes, they display a great deal of musical skill and innovation, with a savvy understanding of how to craft an original and exciting track out of familiar, likeable sounds."—Melted Magazine

LP $17.75


MCK 025