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***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! WORMWOOD originated in Lawrence, Kansas back in 1997. 10 years and a move to Seattle later Starvation, the band’s second full-length epic, is ready to be unleashed. Building on the foundations laid out on 2000’s debut LP Requiescat, Starvation is a swirling vortex of psychedelic panic, doom-crusted metal and somber minor key prog mania. Imagine Souls At Zero-era Neurosis with the apocalypse turned inward, or Tarantula Hawk and Crash Worship on a black doom metal bender. Not surprisingly BILLY ANDERSON’s (Neurosis, Swans, Sleep) production signature graces Starvation, highlighting the double bass guitar technicality and sample-laden paranoia. Starvation is an album that must be digested over the course of multiple listens to fully comprehend everything going on in its vast, insular 70-minute-plus mental web.

CD $12.00

02/19/2007 721616800920 

SPIN 009 CD 

MP3 $9.90

02/19/2007 721616800920