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Leader Of The Followers by Young Offenders

Young Offenders

Leader Of The Followers

Experience. It’s a Catch 22. Those young enough to make music in their free time rarely have any unique life experiences to sing about. Those with the battle scars and broken bones put down their instruments and capitulate to “real life.” THE YOUNG OFFENDERS guitarist JASON recently asked: “When you get to a certain age and you’re a creative person, you’re like, ‘How can I make a fuckin’ living and still not hate myself?’” San Francisco’s Young Offenders’ answer comes in the form of their first record that’s not a split LP or a 7”, inside of eight tightly-knit, dancey, not-scene-or-subgenre-specific songs. You like a little bit of melody in your punk? You like sexy bald brains? You like songs with definite parts, weight of thought, sharp edges, and punch? You like cohesion, the feeling of “Fuck yeah. This is an album. This all fits together”?

LP $16.00



Two new tracks from San Francisco’s YOUNG OFFENDERS. Their recent 7-inch on Parts Unknown was not only very well received by various magazines, but also made numerous MRR staff picks for the top ten records of 2007. This new single offers two more tracks of well executed post-punk and power pop blend with loads of hooks and power. Think the Adverts, early Gang of Four and Really Red.

7" $6.00