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Zombi Danz Magazine

***Zombi Danz Magazine #3 is finally about to burst out, this third opus will be entirely dedicated to the '90s Brazilian Black Metal scene and will condense the biggest amount of information ever collected and published on one of the vastest and vilest scene in Black Metal history. More than 40 interviews were conducted with various key characters of this underground nightmare, along with bios and reviews, it all amounts to more than 80 bands covered in total—from the biggest names to the most obscure underground gems. For the sake of authenticity, most interviews were conducted in Portuguese and then translated back in to English to get the most out of all interviewee, avoiding the usually poor amount of information and correct formulation that the language barriers usually impose on such work. For this 260-page monster, the Brazilian scene was approached region by region, trying to give a correct picture of the many differences in sound and culture of the various local scenes within the country. In order to match form and content, every chapter has its own dedicated aesthetic and zine style. More than 4 years in the making, you can expect a lot of full colored rare or even exclusive pictures, flyers, gig posters, zine extracts along with two CDs filled with unpublished putrid demo material from the Brazilian vaults.

BK $50.95