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***Aagoo Records in New Jersey is thrilled to be releasing the sophomore album from ZULUS. The four members—ALEKSANDER PRECHTL, DANIEL MARTENS, JEREMY SCOTT ad JULIAN BENNETT-HOLMES—all come from a background in music dominated by a punk and hardcore aesthetic as former members of bands including BATTLESHIP, NECKING, TEENAGE NITEWAR, RICE, PRSMS, Aa, FIASCO, THE HOMOSEXUALS and WAND. Zulus was started as an attempt at a pop band by guys who have since proven clearly unable to write pop songs. The record, simply titled Zulus II, is loaded with nine brash and corrupted anthems all rolled up tight into a wiry ball of filth and whatever other debris it picked up along the way.

LP $14.25

10/09/2015 030955699790 

AGO 084 

CD $9.25

10/09/2015 755918299175 

AGO 084 CD 

***ZULUS a Brooklyn, NY-based band consists of DANIEL MARTENS, ALEKSANDER PRECHTL, JEREMY SCOTT and JULIAN BENETT HOLMES. After seven years of collaborating in bands such as post-hardcore BATTLESHIP and PRSMS in the San Francisco Bay Area, the duo Martens and Prechtl started songwriting together a little over a year ago. ‘The songs we started writing were, to our ears, far more poppier than anything we had worked on together before. This was partly because I hadn't ever played drums seriously before, and so my drumming was far simpler than any of the talented drummers we've played with in the past. It was also, I suspect, partly because we wanted to move away from hardcore. We were also at that time both playing in a reunion version of the early ‘90s hardcore band RICE (featuring Rop Vazquez), so that was already an outlet for our more aggressive musical tendencies. Since the songs we were writing were so different, we decided to start a new band playing what we consider to be post-garage—and thus Zulus was started.’ (Aleksander Prechtl)

LP $12.25


AGO 050 

CD $9.25


AGO 050 CD