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Prior to the first release in the 777 Volumes, TONETTA, the feminine alter ego of 60-something Canadian TONY JEFFREY had been working in relative, if not total obscurity for almost 30 years. But over the past 2 years she has become a cult legend to the queer and transgendered communities, contemporary and outsider art enthusiasts, The generally online youth and to the fans of his skewed, bizarre, and bare it all approach to pop song writing and video art. Tonetta has been banned from YouTube and Facebook several times over in an unexpected display of online censorship. She has given only a handful of brief interviews but has been written up in major international publications ( The Guardian UK, VICE, FADER, WIRE ). He has revealed himself to be a remarkable visual artist as well. She has requested that another band be formed to assume the character of Tonetta and perform as him in a live setting in place of his unwillingness to personally do so. But mostly she has just been at work. In his bedroom in Toronto, quietly writing and crafting more videos and songs to share with us. We now proudly present to you the last of the 777 volumes. Double-LP with double-CD package housed in 2-color hand-printed serigraph covers.

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