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CD $12.00

04/05/2024 843563172827 


LP $23.95


SRUIN 227 

***Refracture, the process of light deviating as passed through a medium. A similar concept explored by US necromorphed death metal disfiguration Aberration (formed by members of Void Rot, Suffering Hour and Nothingness among others), who finally present their long awaited debut offering "Refracture", a mind-bending, obliterating displacement of mutated dark death metal tonnage set to permanently reshape the lineaments of experimental and underground USDM. But there is no light contemplated in Aberration's contorted audial design, only darkness, and specifically, rather than light, the self, consciousness is passed through a perceptive medium of surrealism, and is refractured into "other" self, the core concept of all abominations. Bands like Antediluvian, Portal, Hissing and Altarage are no new comers to the art of death metal defilement through the ritual of perceptive and deceptive psychic mind wars, but what Aberration have accomplished with "Refracture" defies definitions and ads an ulterior progression to the end of death metal and of music as we know it. With dissonance used as a weapon and compositional surrealism metastasized into a ravenous dissociative medium, "Refracture" tunnels through the listeners brain like a psyche-boring destructive mass, devouring conscience and ravaging synapses through the sheer force of musical absurdity. An anti-reality is achieved through its sideways-moving sprawl and its labyrinthine, shapeshifting pace, with the listener's senses and mind used as helpless hosts in which a mutant parasitism is unleashed into a form of absurd, demented and frenzied perceptive devourment.