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Friendship: Lucid Shared Dreams And Time Travel

Ackerley, Jessica And Daniel Carter

Friendship: Lucid Shared Dreams And Time Travel

577 Records
CD $13.75

07/23/2021 755491200810 


***Friendship: Lucid Shared Dreams and Time Travel documents a fresh collaboration between multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Carter, and guitarist, Jessica Ackerley. Both musicians are active improvisers on the New York free jazz scene, but rather than collaborating on a formal stage, their musical relationship developed over a few casual outdoor sessions during the summer of 2020. This release captures the joyful ease of their collaboration, as each musical interaction creates a warm transcendence, inspired by the dream-like, meditative effect improvised music is known for. Rippling guitar strums cascade under the sustained swells of various horns and reeds, allowing passages of space and minimalist tendencies in the music to ebb and flow like breathing. The use of acoustical instruments lends itself to the stylings of primitive guitar music and nods to baroque cadences without compromising each musicians’ free jazz and experimentalist foundations. The 8-track album documents a precious encounter between two friends, inviting the listener to glimpse into their tranquil inner world. This marks Jessica Ackerley’s debut on 577 Records, anticipating future releases scheduled on the 577 catalog later in 2022.