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Causa y Efecto Vol. 2
LP $21.95

02/02/2024 736952025982 


***The New Album by Francisco Mela and Zoh Amba 'Causa y Efecto, Vol. 2' Is A Celebration of Differences and Unity

Creativity in general and experimental music in particular can serve as a conduit to the inner soul of its creators, a kind of spiritual path that goes two ways and allows a deeper understanding also of ourselves. It's a light projecting the humanity of the players that simultaneously reflects the creator and the humanity in all of us. The vulnerability of the artists and what they seek through the music are the cause and the opening of that pathway to a deeper understanding is the effect.

Francisco Mela’s singing on the traditional song ‘El Cisne Blanco’ could serve as a gateway to the world of avant-garde music. Zoh Amba’s flute is as sweet and comforting as her saxophone playing can be powerful and mind blowing. These are two different artists from completely different backgrounds showing us what unity-in-sound means, proving that creativity can foster peace and understanding.