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False Positives
CD+DVDR $13.25


HHR 02 CD 

***Dark and brooding or mellifluously uplifting (take your pick), the third full-length album from Hiroshima-based, ex-pat Scotsman PAUL THOMSEN KIRK carries on from Unconfirmed Reports the recurrent, underlying theme of urban and cultural alienation in a media-saturated Japanese metropolitan environment. Whether skimming the surface or trawling the dank underbelly, Kirk examines the daily minutiae of life in a large, concrete-and-glass-and-steel Japanese city, in all its garish hues and faded glories. Accessing all areas, and dispelling some Japanese urban myths along the way, False Positives is a thoroughly enticing, mesmeric, 360-degree adventure. Limited edition DVDr contains six videos.