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17 Years In Ektachrome
CD $13.00

06/24/2014 655035012421 

HHR 04 

MP3 $9.90

05/27/2014 655035012421 


FLAC $11.99

05/27/2014 655035012421 


17 Years in Ektachrome is a sublime, 51-minute, six-track adventure: like stowing away on an aging freight train as it winds its way from the balmy American South to an unnamed permafrosted north. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project journeys through a dense audio fog filled with distant, indiscernible shapes and punctuated by the sudden appearances of artifacts from another time.  
The album has a distinctly archaeological perspective, utilizing what seem to be decayed quarter-inch analog tapes that were processed and looped many years ago. The resulting layers of found sources and environmental recordings have been fragmented, slightly decomposed and pulled away from their original contexts. 17 Years is the perfect soundtrack for vast open plains, abandoned industrial complexes and forgotten small towns washed in the shadows of a bygone age. 
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project is first and foremost a superior ambient music project. Its soft, fluorocarbon textures are the perfect backdrops for mellifluous overlays of travelogue-style field recordings. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project regularly contributes to Zoviet France’s widely subscribed Duck in a Tree weekly podcast of all things electronic and / or analog, and has worked with the band on collaborative remix projects.


  1. #1 Backbone 1982


  2. #2 From the Lowlands


  3. #3 Transparency of Limestone


  4. #4 Systems Clock


  5. #5 Ice Falls / Taking On Water


  6. #6 Lowlands Hybrid