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Alias All Things Fixable


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Label # GWM 001 CDUPC 880270031627
Street DateFebruary 14th, 2006

BACK IN STOCK!!! Playing the role of a companion to his critically acclaimed 2003 instrumental album, Muted, ALIAS drops All Things Fixable (the first release on his own Goodwithmoney recordings). A collection of never-before-on-CD tracks, listeners can expect to hear more of the ambient chords, finely chopped drums, and washy guitars that fans of Muted enjoyed. While a mostly instrumental affair, All Things Fixable features three songs with vocals: “touringbrenpopsong” features Alias singing and playing acoustic guitar, “penny drops” has Alias going back to the double- timed raps, last heard on his solo debut the Otherside of the Looking Glass, and “pretty” is a remix of a long lost SOLE track, recorded during the Selling Live Water era. Clocking in at 59 minutes, and stacking sixteen tracks of music, All Things Fixable manages to maintain a cohesive listen, from start to finish. A must-have for fans of Alias’ instrumental work.