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Bitter River
CD $12.00

06/09/2009 880270281022 

PFL 046 

Amber Asylum is one of the most influential and respected acts in the neo-classical / dark ambient genre. Group leader, multi-instrumentalistn and producer Kris Force boasts a repertoire that includes collaborations with Neurosis and Swans as well as credits for penning soundtrack music for video games, television, and feature films. Her band is known for their distinct brand of chilling romantic mire and brooding darkness constructed with layers of violin, viola, cello, guitar, bass, percussion, and Force's alluring voice. 
Bitter River is the darkest and most devastating Amber Asylum album ever conceived. The perfect follow-up to the plunging Still Point, this introspective journey into lost love and lost innocence paints powerful sonic portraits of vast, lonely landscapes, dark chambers, rolling fog, and monumental twilight. For the recording, Force employed some of the most accomplished musicians in the underground: long-time Amber Asylum conspirator Jackie-Perez Gratz (Giant Squid, Grayceon) on cello; Leila Abdul-Rauf (Saros) on guitar, piano, and vocals; bass player Eric Wood (Bastard Noise); and drummer Chiyo Nukaga (Noothgrush), along with guest appearances by Sigrid Sheie (Hammers of Misfortune) on flute and Jarboe providing narration. Bitter River features artwork by David D'Andrea. 
"Amber Asylum pisses all over Sunn 0)))." 
--Terrorizer Magazine

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