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Unknown Brain

Ardolino, Tom

Unknown Brain

LP $14.00


MYS 003 

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! Teenage home recordings of NRBQ's TOM ARDOLINO from 1971. "I made these tapes in my basement... I was 17, still two years away from joining NRBQ..... I had some friends who would come to the basement at night and we would smoke and listen to records. They would leave around midnight and I would start to record one track over another using the (Kenwood reel to reel) recorder's Sound On Sound feature. I would add drums the next day.... Sometimes I would try to do songs that I just felt like doing (like the Nutty Squirrels' 'Zowee'...) but usually things were just made up. I would just kind of hear things in my head and just try to go for it... I never thought these tapes would be heard by anyone except for a few friends. WARNING: If out-of-tuneness bothers you, do not listen." Numbered edition of 500, each with unique silkscreened cover.

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