Chacon, Raven At The Point Where The Rivers Crossed, We Drew Our Knives


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Debut LP by American composer RAVEN CHACON. Drawing on inspiration from avant-garde and noise traditions, At The Point Where The Rivers Crossed, We Drew Our Knives presents one solo work for electronics and two chamber pieces. A slowly growing swarms of predators lumbering through dry landscapes, "The Totem of the Total Siren" is a work for resonating snare, cruel bone whistle, and wailing nylon string guitar. "La'ts'aadah" is a piece for solo violin recorded very close to the performer with a worn-down microphone. Using very little tonal material it is an exploration of instrumental textures and seamless transitions in between the many types of noise the instrument can make. "Hasta'aadah" is a chamber piece recorded by the MARY WASHINGTON WIND ENSEMBLE, using overlapping melodies in a thick drone. The three tracks are different in sound but similar in process: first imagined as songs that one might hum in the back of one's mind throughout the toil of the day, without planning the composition as a narrative or structured journey, they lead to a culmination of conscious realization, acting as unconscious antidotes to a craven society. Limited to 200 copies, with screen-printed covers and an insert by JAYCEE BEYALE.