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Willst Du Chinese Sein Musst Du Die Ekligen Sachen Essen

Banque Allemande

Willst Du Chinese Sein Musst Du Die Ekligen Sachen Essen

S-s Records
LP $16.00

02/05/2013 655035066714 

SS 067 

MP3 $5.94

02/01/2013 655035066714 


***A couple years ago, this fine label released the debut album by a mysterious Berlin band called BANQUE ALLEMANDE. Trapped in a city more known for dance music than two chord rock & roll, Banque Allemande’s live shows were restricted to a few underground spaces and Berlin’s subway system. They recorded for themselves but outside of a small circle of friends they were unknowns. Somehow or another, S.S. stumbled on them and got them to smash their recordings into one album which they called Eins, Zwei. A primitive assault of strum & klang, the critical response went something like this: ‘Das Missing Link zwischen Trio, Hüsker Dü Land Speed Record und Rainer Werner Fassbinder’ (André Pluskwa/Vice); ‘...a monster slab of relentless guitar fury from out of nowhere’ (Ryan Wells/Z Gun); ‘Ihr seid zur Zeit die beste deutsche Band die ich kenne’ (Max Müller/Mutter); ‘Primitive and noisy, yet with an undeniable intelligence driving the car into the wall’ (Rich Kroneiss/Terminal Boredom). Well, now comes album number two, Willst du Chinese sein musst du die ekligen Sachen essen. Like their first, Willst du Chinese, mixes marathon riffage with shorter blast, centering on a two chord fung set to a galloping beat, a sound that brings to mind the Gordons, early Leather Nun, and even Big Black. However, it sounds like our German pals have been listening to a little Velvet Underground, too. Like Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Banque Allemande take VU’s pop rock side and punk it up a bit. Oh, the Banques also spare a moment or two getting heavy. This one is a little more diverse than their first album but fans will be pleased...and those new to the band will be searching for the debut. Four hundred of these birds exist, so act fast. Another brilliant cover art job, again by JURGEN GREWE.


  1. #1 Suchmaschine


  2. #2 Schwarz Vor Schwarzer Wand


  3. #3 Nicht Viel Nur Einzwei Tausend


  4. #4 Warmes Wasser


  5. #5 Schlaf An Einem Anderen Tag


  6. #6 Hundert Jahre Berlin