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Can Do Easy
LP $11.75


OBR 013 

***With members hailing from GENTLEMEN JESSE AND HIS MEN, BEAT BEAT BEAT, and THE HISS, Atlanta quintet the BARRERACUDAS deliver a perfect blend of powerdirtbag-pop and dirty 70s glam. Can Do Easy, on Oops Baby Records is the long-awaited follow up LP to their critically acclaimed crowd-pleaser debut LP Nocturnal Missions from Douchemaster Records. With 12 tracks packed into 31 minutes, Can Do Easy is a testament to the band’s catchy-as-hell songwriting skills that triumph in brevity, all with that sense of wise-guy lyricism that only the ‘Cudas could produce. These are numbers that can be sung along to on the first listen through, including a revamped version of last year’s Promises single, which got much airplay through the fine folks at WFMU—rising to #1 on the WFMU charts—and beyond. Here is the summer’s most fun album, from the foot-stomping opener of “The Jerk” to the humorous howl of “Shampoo” to the hip-shaking melodies of “Diet Coke”… these are songs to which audiences will no-doubt raise fists, raise hell and restart their love affair with rock ‘n’ roll.

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