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Eternal Flesh Ripping Chaos
LP $21.50


SRUIN 151 

***On their debut full-length LP for Sentient Ruin Canadian/American gore/war noise butchers Bestial Putrefaction reach the zenith of total audial barbarity, hoisting atop a fuming stockpile of severed limbs and rotting flesh the foul banner of total gore and immorality. A remastered compilation featuring their recent self-released "Gore Drenched Barbarism" EP on side A and their previous self-released debut demo tape on side B, the "Eternal Flesh Ripping Chaos" LP (an obvious ode to the legend of early Carcass) condenses all tracks released so far by the band under a new single effigy of total continuous terror, bringing to light the senseless audial savagery that paved the deranged duo's emergence from the nethermost pits of depravity and established them as an authentic living monument to complete chaos and inhumanity.