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SRUIN 101 

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***NOW AVAILABLE ON CASSETTE!!! After unleashing their soul-consuming debut self-titled 7" EP via Sentient Ruin earlier in 2019, multinational industrial atmospheric black metal entity DECOHERENCE finally return with their highly anticipated debut full-length album Ekpyrosis, unraveling tenfold the darkness and sonic enormity of their debut 7" and leaving the listener helpless to decay before a massive sonic singularity as they manipulate dark matter and eviscerate darkness to open a passageway to a realm beyond. In a manner not dissimilar to the territory already tread by pillars of the genre like Blut Aus Nord and Darkspace, on Ekpyrosis Decoherence juxtapose cold martial industrial drum patterns with surreal and disorienting electronic noise soundscapes and walls of mangled, angular, and dissonant guitars to create a monstrous alien landscape and transport the listener to an otherworldly dimension, deep into the darkest and most remote and inhospitable corners of the cosmos, where dark forces of unfathomable destructiveness and cataclysms of unimaginable magnitude dominate an inhuman realm devoid of any light or warmth. An obsidian monolith of sidereal terror and hallucinating claustrophobia, Ekpyrosis is a sonic event horizon where concepts like coldness, emptiness, vastness, and nothingness obtain an entirely new meaning and are taken to an incomprehensible extreme to instate into the listener a feeling of widespread fear, complete loss of self, and of permanent and consuming dissolution.