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7" $6.75

06/02/2017 633757035973 

NIR 359 

Blitz-rock quartet Black God leap back into the fray for another collection of two minute punk rock blasts gloriously pressed onto seven inch vinyl. Since 2011 No Idea and Black God have teamed up each year (or two) to release a new six song edition of to-the-point melodic punk/hardcore via the cleverly titled EPs One, Two, Three, AND Four. On Four, Black God further refine their sound while carefully preserving its immediacy and the spontaneity from which it initially sprang to life. This Louisville, Kentucky supergroup has created and/or navigated many highlights of the Louisville music scene over the past two decades and with Black God they continue to chart new and exciting roads ahead. Features members of Coliseum, Young Widows, Endpoint, By The Grace Of God, Black Cross/Black Widows. Limited edition one-time pressing of 300 copies on blue vinyl. Includes digital download.

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