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Dream Gig
LP $17.50

08/25/2017 633757035713 

NIR 357 

CD $13.00

08/25/2017 633757035720 

NIR 357 CD 

Founded in Seattle, Washington, by vocalist and songwriter John Maiello in 2013, Dead Bars had a very specific plan: play one show, record a demo, and tour only Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. After four years of playing more shows, releasing five seven-inches on three different labels in three different countries, and never touring outside the continental United States, they are releasing Dream Gig, their first album, produced by Eric Randall of TacocaT. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes you don’t get what you want. Keep on dreamin’. 
“Like it or not, hardcore punk is now classic rock. So with John Maiello’s jarring, gravel-gargling vocals and C.J. Frederick’s full-throttle guitar, Dead Bars’ debut carries a Rainier-scented whiff of nostalgia for more aggro, string-busting times. Dream Gig is a feel-good epic about feeling bad, the self-described ‘aging rocker’ of its chorus the musical missing link between then and now.” —City Arts Magazine 
“Recommended for fans of bands like Dear Landlord and Iron Chic and other throaty punk bands who sing about not having any money and being romantically inept.” —Noisey 
“If Bruce Springsteen took a wrong turn at the New Jersey Turnpike and ended up joining a gang of chain-smoking bikers, he might sound a little like Seattle’s Dead Bars.” —Seattle Weekly

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