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MC $9.25


NM 001 

""WEIRD WOMAN's Blaztech feels like the soundtrack for a gang of teenage skeletons gathered around a slowly stirred hissing cauldron in their parents' basement, performing secret pubescent skeleton rites. This is basement music, music for twilight, music by which the teen skeletons may stir their skeleton dreams, and desires, into the pot's black iron. This is music akin to the bubbles that rise slowly to the surface and gently burst on the skin of the contents; Minimal rhythms form a spine for each piece draped with striped hides of droning loops of indeterminate origin, bleeding veins of static feedback, alien glossolalia, spidery webs of melodic figure, dead-dry sounds of arcane hand instruments, a granule of grindcore records, and dumb field recordings. Like whatever horrible potion gurgles within the skeleton's cauldron, these disparate ingredients come together in the heat of their crucible to form a singular whole that serves a common purpose. Within the stew, the sounds wind around one another sometimes achieving a mesmerizing harmony while at other times they incite hideous friction, sounding as though they are choking one another out. Thus, like any good sorcerer's brew, this music does contain paradox and drama in service of some greater and mysterious purpose. The tension of this music, its darkened mood, is achieved not through a feral chaos or a harsh, overblown intensity of timbre, but rather through the careful choice of ingredient—each one added to the hissing whole in the proper amount, at the proper time, by the root-white tips of the skeletons' finger bones."—Lt. Johnson for Psychic Sounds Research

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