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Are You Alive - 1982

Bored Youth

Are You Alive - 1982

Alona's Dream
LP $13.25


ADR 12011 

CD $11.00

08/14/2015 888295305679 

ADR 011 CD 

***Captured at the band’s zenith, Are You Alive finds BORED YOUTH Youth unleashing their unique blend of UK-inspired Midwest hardcore punk across ten tracks originally engineered by then-Necros bassist and Touch and Go Records honcho COREY RUSK in 1982. The B-side sees an early incarnation of the band as a 3-piece in 1981. Live at the legendary Detroit venue Nunzio’s, the trio is no less powerful as they blaze through a set of future hardcore classics and throw in a few fundamental punk covers along the way. First pressing limited edition of 450 hand screened jackets.

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