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Fearful Symmetry
LP $22.25

09/11/2020 781484074816 


***A way station for a lot of young talents-in-waiting, BOX OF CHOCOLATES hailed from the still-forbidding borough of Brooklyn at the end of the 1980s, with their one album released at the dawn of the 90's. They contained multitudes, including indie-rockers-to-be, a motion-picture actor, a figment of early Phish's imagination, an enthomusicologist, a Honduran immigrant, a 2019 Tony Award winner and some weirdos too. Box of Chocolates took the cake and ate it too, as only happened in the freewheeling confines of the US '80s-'90s. The credits listed some incredible names—BRUTE RAKE, MICKEY HAWAII and WAYNE OLIPHANT, as well as MICHAEL HOWE, WILL OLDHAM, ARNIE WOBBLE, MICHAEL CHORNEY and ROB MILLIS.

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