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Revengeful Is The Mask Of Darkness

Camp One

Revengeful Is The Mask Of Darkness

Zaius Tapes
LP $22.00


ZT 003 

Some 40 years after it’s release, Camp One’s sole album from ’81 remains as mysterious as ever, the quartet of D Jones, I Good, L Williams & P Sage still hiding in plain sight. Ask any deep digger you might know, it seems none of them can shed any light on this stunning, enigmatic LP. There are those who’ve never seen a copy, let alone heard it. Speculation here, an educated guess there, not exactly Captain Kidd's treasure map. ‘Revengeful' doesn’t fit neatly into any niched genre; its almost a Baroque-like, outsider take on Prog Rock & Postpunk at once, eccentricity crackling off it’s grooves. Imagine if you will, the fattier bits of A Moore’s oeuvre, the suet of L Voag + the gristle of Mark Perry, all baked into a most succulent Yorkshire pudding for the ears. Leave it to Zaius Tapes to bring it (back) into the world. Bravo. Edition of 250 copies. RIYL; the Canterbury scene, Murphy Federation, Fuck Off Records.

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