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When The Time Is Right
CD $13.75

07/23/2021 755491202883 


***When The Time Is Right opens with John Dikeman's saxophone and Roy Campbell's unmistakable, unrelenting trumpet, striking the first chord of a full-throttle performance, recorded live at an Amsterdam festival in 2013. From the unforgettable introduction, the quintet’s performance moves confidently between intricately arranged limbos and lush interludes, approaching each turn of their performance confidently and with enthusiastic commitment to the creative process. The five musicians hand off complex melodies and tempos between their eight instruments, building a performance that seems propelled by momentum. After their hour-long improvisation, Campbell told his fellow musicians, “what I liked the most is that from the very beginning, we went directly to the point.” This album, best summarized by Campbell, is also a tribute to his lifelong legacy of musical achievement, encapsulating the forward-thinking contributions he made in the experimental jazz scene throughout his career. And this group, comprised of Raoul van der Weide, Klaus Kugel, Peter Jacquemyn, John Dikeman and the late Roy Campbell, only ever played together once, offering a dynamic and truly singular performance.