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Conversations Vol. 2
CD $13.75

12/24/2021 755491218563 

5838 CD 

***Conversations Vol. 2 represents the second installment of a two-part release by pianist Cooper-Moore and saxophonist Stephen Gauci. This album, which follows 2020’s Conversations Vol. 1 release, showcases these two deeply idiosyncratic players unifying to create a remarkably astringent whole. The artists’ combined experience, playing together during a seven-month residency at Happylucky No. 1 Gallery in Brooklyn, represents three generations of New York City jazz, spanning as far back as the 70’s when Cooper-Moore first arrived to the city and the early 2000’s when Gauci landed in New York. On this 7-track album, their diverse improvisations reflect a deep maturity, decades of experience and a powerful, creative playing style. Conversations Vol. 2 presents avant jazz in its most bracing, current iteration. The album will be available for download and on CD in 2022.