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LP $14.75


UG 63 

CD $13.50

10/01/2013 888174162720 

UG 63 CD 

***The debut studio full-length from this blisteringly intense New York City based band fusing ballistic rock and roll energy with no wave weirdness and touches of ‘70s glam and free jazz. Their incendiary live peformances, manic musicianship and futuristically left-of-center songwriting are beginning to garner this group a singular reputation within the contemporary underground music scene. This quartet is the sum of four seemingly disparate parts: Singer and lyricist ADMIRAL GREY possesses a clarion voice which cuts straight through the density of the group’s onslaught, delivering her bizarre, hallucinatory visions with animation and articulation. Her chameleonic stage presence and kamikaze physical outbursts make her a riviting focal point in the unit. WEASEL WALTER has been called “...a strong and incisive guitarist who has amalgamated such diverse interests as Robert Quine, Blixa Bargeld, Keiji Haino, and Rudolph Grey into a singular and toothy approach” by Tiny Mix Tapes and his six-string slaughter with CELLULAR CHAOS will not disappoint anyone looking for sonic blood. On this album, CECIL MOSS (now replaced by KELLY MORAN) brings a cultivated primitivity on bass guitar, summoning a minimalist foundation of sedimental fuzz bass riffing, interspersed with savage, atonal skronk. Drummer MARC EDWARDS brings many decades of diverse experience into the mix, furiously slamming away, alternately with bludgeoning crudity and weighty jazz finesse. The net effect is a high-pressure torrent of emotion, exploding with desperation and lashing out at the listener with white-knuckled accuracy and neckcracking momentum. Prepare to get your ass kicked. CD housed in digipaks. LP pressed on clear vinyl in an edition of 250 copies.