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The Church On The Island

Cemetery Lights

The Church On The Island

Nuclear War Now
LP $19.25



***LP reissue of CEMETERY LIGHTS’ second demo of necromantic occult black metal, previously only available on cassette. While it is often true that distinct musical styles are unique to a given location and era in history, occasionally this axiom is broken by a band that somehow manages to fracture the paradigm and insert itself as a welcomed anachronism in the present day. In this vein, Cemetery Lights, though a native of North American soil, convincingly channels and combines the musical spirits of European metal forefathers such as Mortuary Drape, Samael, and Tiamat, and melds them with the literary traditions and culture of Ancient Rome to create something that is both reverent to the past and equally relevant to the present. The band’s debut demo, Lemuralia, was first disseminated on cassette in very limited numbers on the ninth of May, 2018, to commemorate the advent of the Lemuralia festival, an ancient Roman celebration featuring exorcism rites to banish malicious spirits from the home. A few short months later, Nuclear War Now! Productions saw fit to release Cemetery Lights’ second demo, The Church on the Island. Now, in an effort to make the first recording more widely available, NWN! offers reissue LPs of both albums for the enjoyment of disciples of the aforementioned traditions.

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