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The Underworld
CD $11.00



***After two well-recieved demos CEMETERY LIGHTS unleashes a debut album of occult black metal. Composed of eight songs written primarily between 2009 and 2014, The Underworld seeks to describe the realms of greek mythology. Thus, the music and lyrics are paired, for example, to boldly proclaim the splendor of Olympos, the dread of Tartaros, and the melancholy of The Fields of Asphodel. This outcome was achieved in great effect through careful study of primary tomes, such as Homer’s The Odyssey and Hesiod’s Works and Days, as well as several other complementary texts. With its thematic reference to Greece’s classic literature and its musical reverence of the country’s influence in black metal history, The Underworld stands out as a present-day example of an album that is much more than just a collection of songs written and performed in a similar vein, but instead a singular work that represents the ideal confluence of theme and music.