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01 Ep
LP $20.25

09/09/2016 711447009210 

AW 092 

"Closet Mix are minimalists. Or maybe they’re lazy. It’s hard to know for sure. They definitely don’t do too much. They’ve been together for years, but have just now gotten around to releasing their “debut” five-song EP. They play, on average, one or two shows per year. They move at their own pace, which, it will surprise no-one, could be described as “glacial.” 
Their musical approach is deliberate, simple and straight-forward. They like good songs, first and foremost. They believe that the open space in their “sound” is just as important as what they play and sing. They like a lot of bands and records both new and old, but keep coming back to unadorned masterpieces such as the Velvet’s third LP, from whence their name derives. 
Closet Mix are not young, ranging in age from their late-40s to mid-50s. They’ve been in a lot of bands over the last thirty years, including but not limited to Great Plains, Log, Peck of Snide, Househearts, and Vena Cava. They proudly call Columbus, Ohio their home. It would be romantic to think of them as “survivors,” but in reality, they’re just stubborn midwesterners who refuse to stop making music. 
We’d like to tell you to keep an eye out for their next release, but truth be told, have no idea when that will be. So, please enjoy this one, and we’ll get back to you when there’s something new to report. Or maybe not. It’s hard to know for sure." LIMITED EDITION OF 200

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