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Ink Jar / Unquestioning
CD $5.40

08/30/2011 859706207165 

BR 002 CD 

***CLOUD SEEDING is a music singles project by Brooklyn-based guitarist KEVIN SERRA (THIS ASCENSION, LOT 49). The project was conceived as a space for collaboration to showcase vocalists he admires. There is no one signature sound, no fixed or preconceived notions, just a space for improvisation that is free to change with each collaboration. For the first single, Serra worked with Boston-based singer MARISS NADLER while she was briefly living in Brooklyn just a few blocks away. The single was recorded and mixed in Green Point at CEDAR APFFEL’s (Natureboy/Masterface) studio and was mastered at Salt Mastering. The collage cover art was designed by RYAN WALSH who created the artwork for Marissa Nadler’s eponymous album which was recently released on Box of Cedar Records. “’Unquestioning’ is beautifully understated. Nadler’s vocals trailing, nearly imperceptible, like a distant haunting behind Serra’s wafting and mysterious music.”—Their Bated Breath

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