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2XLP $28.00

08/28/2015 603111998916 

EZRDR - 050 LP 

The Portland/Brooklyn band's 2nd album, originally released on KEMADO in 2008, lovingly reissued on RIDING EASY Records. It may sound like a whole lot of nonsense psychobabble, but, in a way, the title of Danava's second album, UnonoU, is not only perfectly suited to this uniquely enigmatic, often downright perplexing band, but the word probably means something important in the language of their native planet. Actually, there's a hypothesis! After all, Danava's eponnleinymous first album already suggested that they might be visitors from a distant galaxy, located somewhere between Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and Rush's favorite black hole, "Cignus X-1". As if to corroborate this alien origin conspiracy theory, UnonoU's striking artwork is reminiscent of the golden era of sci-fi novels, and, just as did those famous works by Asimov, Bradbury, Hei.

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