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LP $17.75



ORIGINAL SEALED COPIES!!! “Self-released early-80s Electronic Free Jazz / Improv diversions of one Robert Aaron - the New York "Jazz Musician" / James Chance sideman who was recently arrested in connection to Philip Seymour Hoffman's death. That aside, let's focus on the music: issued via Aaron's Private Artichoke imprint, posits a unique form of punk-laced, synth-centric free improv that really has no real antecedent, making it a perfect candidate for exploration. "Datura's" whole look/spec reminds me of the contemporaneous Gregory Sablosky / Roy Jones "No Imagination" set - the mutant, gelatinous google-eyed formation on the cover being indicative of just so much of the early 80s NY sleaze that formed around it - alas, the decidedly "Downtown" aggregate of duo synth-haze & the kinds of room-toned, loft-captured noise-improv shenanigans simultaneously being channeled by John Zorn in neighboring spaces. There's something so incredibly singular about Aaron's SIEL - Societa Industrie Elettroniche - monosynth extrapolations; as far away from someone like Morton Subotnick's work as conceivable, favoring a more expressive, keyboard-fisted application of cross-hatching, sliding timbres that echo perhaps Sun Ra's diversions in decades prior moreso than Marty Rev & Alan Vega's direct assaults… a white-hot document of ferocious intensity stopping at all of the waypoints between the "Loft Jazz" explosion of the late 60s, post/punk anarchisms, and the nascent 80s "anything goes" ethos of the New York experimental music scene of the 80s.” —, describing a Creel Pone bootleg CD reissue of “Datura”

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