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No Idea
LP $16.00

01/05/2010 633757026216 


CD $13.00

01/05/2010 633757026223 


***TUBERS: Organic creations, blooming beneath the soil while drawing nutrients from their surroundings, soon to be unearthed, cooked, and consumed by native populations. Also, Floridian slang for two populations. The first; those who float upon inflatable inner tubes in aimless, lackadaisical delight down the state’s many freshwater springs. The second; those who seek adventure tucked away in the innermost furl of a wave just before it washes ashore. Finally, four longtime friends who make music for the purpose of challenging themselves and hopefully those around them. They draw inspiration from their namesakes and channel these feelings through guitars, throats, and drums. Angular riffs swerve throughout the mix atop surf-influenced rhythms, with the aggressive trappings of previous efforts remaining apparent but not overbearing. They speak in dialects and metaphors, fluctuating seamlessly amongst obtuse structures, shifting momentums, and rolling cascades. Features members of TWELVE HOUR TURN, TRUE NORTH, STRIKEFORCE DIABLO, ASSHOLEPARADE, WE MODERNS, and others. For fans of Obits, Rites of Spring, Wipers, Milemarker, and Fugazi. No Export to Europe.