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Vengeance From Darkness

Death Yell

Vengeance From Darkness

Nuclear War Now
LP $23.95



***In the 1980s, South America produced some of the most legendary extreme metal in the genre’s history. While the renowned Brazilian scene undoubtedly cast a long shadow, like minded maniacs in regions like Colombia and Chile were simultaneously creating their own brand of black/death metal. Among the pioneers of the Chilean scene, DEATH YELL stands out as a founding group, and NWN! Productions is proud to present an official reissue of their legendary 1989 demo Vengeance From Darkness. Formed in 1988 in Santiago (after a stint under the name Pestilence), Death Yell played thrashing death metal with a manic intensity with clear influences from Brazilian maniacs such as Sarcofago, Sextrash and Mutilator, with a punk energy that brings to mind Extreme Noise Terro and the UK grind scene. Instrumentally proficient and sonically violent, Death Yell creates a controlled chaos that marries its deathrash roots with a macabre, funerary atmosphere replete with sinister, lurching organ work. Vengeance From Darkness was self-financed and self-released as a cassette by the band, gaining a legendary status in tape trading circles at the time. The prestige of this demo led to some of its tracks being reused on a split 7” with Beherit via Turbo Music in 1991, and another 7” titled Morbid Rites on Seraphic Decay Records in 1992. The band would remain dormant until their reactivation in 2012.

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