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The Beauty Bath

Dilloway, Aaron

The Beauty Bath

PICLP $24.95


HN 270 

***Reissue of limited edition LP (Rockatansky 2013), about half of which is different and reworked material. Our friends at Volcanic Tongue described the original edition thus: “[L]ow-level battlefield tectonics and the sound of smeared and tortured magnetic tape [comes] over like a rusty, industrial-scale take on classic 20th century minimalism. Some of Dilloway’s most barbarously vacated drone work here, with intense low-level fireworks reduced to inchoate shadow plays and rolling, planetary scale hypnotics. Then there are moments of glissing, echoing metal tones coming out of silence, suddenly morphing into sad feedback chorales à la Eliane Radigue’s early workings but with a crude, lonely aspect that is extremely affecting.” Includes download card. Edition 500 copies.