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West Coast Power Outage II

Dodge Jones Rage

West Coast Power Outage II

Charnel Music
LP $25.50



***The DODGE JONES RAGE power trio was started in late 2021 as a distributed pandemic-driven experimental-noise-audio collaboration by three long-time grizzled sonic veterans. After sharing some initial recordings with each other, suddenly things started moving quickly, and it was clear that this was destined to be, as they say, A Thing. As of now, there’s a cassette, an LP, and a CD, all named West Coast Power Outage, numbered I, II, and III. This one is of course number II, the LP: four tracks of heavy-duty surreal noise, two long and two short on each side of vinyl. Adorned with artwork by PAUL VAN TRIGT. instilled with audio mastered by GRANT RICHARDSON, it’s a blast of intense, nonsensical, alien-imbued weirdo scuzz. Play it for your in-laws, they’ll thank you. CHRIS DODGE (SPAZZ, TRAPPIST, INFEST, DESPISE YOU, STIKKY, Slap A Ham Records, etc.), MASON JONES (TRANCE, SUBARACHNOID SPACE, COLLISION STORIES, NUMINOUS EYE, TERMINAL STRESS). WILLIAM RAGE (BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER, NERVOUS CORPS., AT JENNIE RICHIE, HAPPINESS FOREVER, NEW BLOCKADERS, THE GERMANS,, et al.). Edition of 100 copies.