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Avant L'Obscurité
LP $25.50



***Recorded on January 28, 2020, this was the last session the COLLISION STORIES quartet played before, as the title says, the darkness of the pandemic and lockdown brought collaborations to a halt. It was a lovely, lively session and after listening back the band decided to share it with the world as their first vinyl release (6th overall). Improvised and recorded in real time, this session is presented as two side-long pieces with minimal editing having been done. The sounds flow from peaceful to heavy, surreal to grounded, revealing the reactions of the players to each other’s shifts and moods. The instrumentation included electronic and mechanical, new and old. The four members of San Francisco's Collision Stories came together in 2014 after having encountered each other over a number of years, crossing paths here and there as they wove their strands through the experimental, psychedelic, improvisational, electronics, and avant-garde scenes. Due to their varied viewpoints, it’s not easy to draw a line around the territory staked out by the quartet. Entirely improvised, their work shows deep listening and careful interplay that can move in moments from intense energy to wide-open drifting expanses. All of the members have extensive resumes as musicians, composers, visual artists, writers, and creators in general. Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl.

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